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We Are Granada Islamic School

We are a private, coeducational, Islamic institution serving elementary, middle, and high school students in grades PK through 12, located in Santa Clara, CA.

Standards That Set Us Apart
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What People Say

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Granada Parent

Amazing school!
I almost chose a different school based on reading someone else's review. Im so glad I enrolled my child anyway! I've had nothing but positive experiences! I was so nervous and excited. Half way through the school year, my sons teachers TAUGHT ME about my own son. Im stunned! With their helpful techniques, my son is successful in the classroom & at home! They told me to be patient with his progress. Sure enough he's picked up and implemented everything flawlessly! trust the process. The amount of arabic & Quran my son already knows is Gold. I can't be any more grateful. If your holding off until later on to try this school don't! do it early when your Childs brain is like a sponge. Best desicion ever!



I've been working at Granada Islamic School for 5 years now. As an alumni of GIS, I've seen the clear changes that have made GIS an amazing institution. From the improvement of the playing facilities to the science lab; the development of the sports program and class trips; the creation of our High School and our involvement in the community around us, Granada has grown to be such an integral part of the Silicon Valley for our young muslims.

We have come a long way thanks to the determination and unrelenting work of our past and present teachers, administration, staff, parents, and students.

Granada is truly a beautiful school that shapes young muslims to be the leaders we hope to see in this world. And we have the track record to prove it.


Granada Parent


Granada Student

I have been in Granada since 4th grade. I am currently in 11th grade and I don't regret ever coming to Granada. I have met many new friends and the teachers are amazing.

Granada Islamic School an excellent educational institution. It not only teaches high academics but also builds character, promotes an Islamic identity, and creates a community that a child thrives in.

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Developing strong young Muslims since 1988

Following the message given to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Granada has a vision of enriching young Muslim minds with a holistic approach to education, creating an Islamic environment where children are free to spread their wings and bring change to the world around them.

Are you ready to spread your wings?

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