Abdulhakim Abushaala


I grew up as a thinker, problem solver and a natural entrepreneur with Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering focused on real-world industry challenges in IT and Security solutions at a large scale. 

I enable large Enterprises see the value of technological solutions needed to achieve global business objectives. My job is a mix of active listening, deep understanding of business objectives and requirements, managing human interactions, and simplified delivery of technology jargons to all stake holders. 

The mission I share with the GIS Board is the purpose of enabling our wonderful kids to be the most effective, humble, leaders of tomorrow. I aspire to contribute towards providing the GIS Administration with all necessary policies, meaningful guidance and support to overcome challenges and to deliver high-quality education combined with comprehensive activities to enable students reach their full potential. 

Alma Soto

Vice Chair

Alma Soto joined the GIS Board in 2017, when she was appointed by the MCA Joint Boards. She has three children, of which, two are current GIS students. 


Throughout the years, she has had the privilege to blend her learning of social justice, educational equity with practical knowledge as well as experience in her work with many local nonprofits, Islamic organizations and school districts in a way that has refined her experiential knowledge of her community. She has over 17 years of non-profit, organizing and education experience.


Alma holds a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Buisness Administration specializing in non-profit and entrepreneurship.  She is dedicated in enhancing the GIS school environment as well as building the GIS students to become

the future leaders of our community one step at a time.

Tariq Ali


Tariq currently supports the San Mateo County Employees' Retirement Association as the Chief Technology Officer. He leads technology initiatives, enables employee development, and pushes for efficient process transformations.


Tariq finds success in what he does because he keeps people's needs at the heart of the issue, he listens to what the people want and incorporates that into each solution. This is the same approach Tariq uses to address the needs of the GIS community.


Tariq has two kids enrolled at GIS, is the board secretary and chair of the Safety & Security Committee.

Najeeb Hashmi


My name is Najeeb Ahmad Hashmi married to Faiza Ahmed. We have two sons Farzan Hashmi and Taha Hashmi. We have been Granada parents for more than 10 years. I am a software engineer by profession and an electrical engineer and a business graduate by education. We have been residents of the bay area for about 19 years. I love to read and am passionate about mentoring kids in math and science. 

Magdy Abdelrahman

Board Member

Magdy is a proud GIS parent since moving to the Bay Area in 2006. His older daughter graduated from 8th grade in 2013 and now a Junior student at UC Berkeley. Magdy's younger daughter is in 8th grade and a GIS student since pre-K.


Professionally, Magdy is a Managing Director of Strategic Planning and CMO of Service Group at Applied Materials Inc. where he started in 2006 after moving to the Bay Area from Intel Corporation in Portland, OR. Magdy earned his B.Sc.from Alexandria University in Egypt, and M.Sc.& Ph.D. from UT Austin, all in Nuclear Engineering. Magdy holds multiple patents in Semiconductor fabrication before he earned his MBA from Santa Clara University and moved to executive management. 

Abdul Mateen Mohammed

Board Member

My name is Abdul Mateen Mohammed and have been living in the Bay Area since 1995. I am married and have four kids, 3 of them graduated from GIS and one still in 5th grade. I work for Incorta Inc as Technical Director.


I have joined GIS board this year and looking forward to collaborating with the school administration and parents to add value in the area of Computer Sciences and

Volunteer opportunities for students. 

Muhammad Ali Janjua

Board Member

Muhammad Ali Janjua joined Granada Islamic School Board with a vision of an institute where students should be able to achieve competitive excellence in academics both in California standard and Islamic curriculum, debates, science and sports competitions.  He believes in working collaboratively with parents, school staff and his peers to achieve these goals. He has prior experience of working as facilities director for Folsom Educational Academy where he oversaw various facility needs and took part in important school related decisions. Professionally, Muhammad Ali has Masters degree in Computer Engineering and has been working in Semiconductor industry for past 17 years. He enjoys traveling various places with his family, and as a hobby he likes to run and has participated in many relay and half marathons.

Granada Islamic School

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Phone: (408) 980-1161

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School Hours: M-F 8:00am - 3:15pm




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