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Farooq Bhatti
Board Chair

My vision for GIS is to work with all stakeholders to prepare our children to become good role models, exemplary citizens in our community and excel in professional careers. Inculcate our children with great Islamic values, high moral & ethical standards and self‐esteem. Also work to empower the GIS faculty and staff through mutual respect and understanding, provide ongoing training, modern and sufficient resources to implement an educational program of high excellence. I have two children enrolled at GIS since kindergarten. Professionally I work as Principal Engineer for Product Development and Services, for the last 23 years. I have Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Engineering from SJSU. I like to play cricket, badminton, tennis, take bicycle rides with my kids, and travel to different locations in the world.

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Khadiga El-Haddad
Vice Chair

Khadiga Elhaddad is an active member in the Bay Area Muslim community since 2008. Since then, her main focus was on raising the new muslim generation and instilling Islam in their hearts. To achieve that, she volunteers at many kids and youth programs in the area through different Masajid and organizations. 


Khadiga has been a teacher & mentor at Quran and youth programs at the MCA for years, she served before as a principal for Noor Academy and teaches Quran at other programs/schools. She also helped at Reflection Sunday School (WVMA weekend school) as a teacher and a school administrator for a couple of years. In addition, she runs kids and youth programs for MAS Bay Area (Muslim American Society) local in the area, and also leads and effort with MAS National to build curriculums dedicated to youth and new generations. 


Khadiga was also a member of the GIS school Board from 2016 to 2019. During these years her main focus was to revive the positive school spirit and strengthen the healthy relationship between all school stakeholders, to structure school fundraising activities, and to achieve the academic excellence and Islamic environment throughout all the school. Khadiga also was part of building the GIS high school department and worked closely with admins and consultants to acquire a program suitable for our students. 

She also worked with MCA BOT to give GIS half of the building and was part of the new building committee that was responsible for the design and renovation of the new school building. 


Outside her volunteering work, Khadiga Elhaddad received B.A in Computer engineering & Systems (2000 - 2005) from Alexandria University & MBA from Aspen university (2011-2013), and worked as software engineer at Saudi software company then at two startups in the bay area. 


Alma Soto

Alma Soto joined the GIS Board in 2017, when she was appointed by the MCA Joint Boards. She has three children, of which, two are current GIS students. 


Throughout the years, she has had the privilege to blend her learning of social justice, educational equity with practical knowledge as well as experience in her work with many local nonprofits, Islamic organizations and school districts in a way that has refined her experiential knowledge of her community. She has over 17 years of non-profit, organizing and education experience.


Alma holds a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Buisness Administration specializing in non-profit and entrepreneurship.  She is dedicated in enhancing the GIS school environment as well as building the GIS students to become

the future leaders of our community one step at a time.

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Maha Dahbour

Sr. Maha has been an active member of the community for over 20 years. She lives in San Mateo and is a mother of six; three of which are currently enrolled at GIS and three GIS Alumni. Sr. Maha has been actively involved with the GIS PTO for the last 10 years, and this is her 18th year as an active GIS parent's. Maha has a law degree from the University of Jordan, Certificate in Paralegal Studies, and a Teaching Certificate as well as a Director Certificate in early childhood education. As an early member of Yaseen Foundation, Sr. Maha played a critical role in starting and establishing the Muslim Children Garden (MCG) in San Mateo/Belmont area in 2001. In addition, Sr. Maha worked as a teacher at MCG for over 13 years. In addition to MCA and GIS, she is also an active member at both Belmont and Burlingame centers of Yaseen Foundation. For the last six years, Sr. Maha worked with other interfaith organizations in the peninsula to establish the first Peace Village Camp, which is being implemented in the various community colleges in the Bay Area.


Abdulhakim Abushaala
Strategic Planning Committe Chair

I grew up as a thinker, problem solver and a natural entrepreneur with Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering focused on real-world industry challenges in IT and Security solutions at a large scale. 

I enable large Enterprises see the value of technological solutions needed to achieve global business objectives. My job is a mix of active listening, deep understanding of business objectives and requirements, managing human interactions, and simplified delivery of technology jargons to all stake holders. 

The mission I share with the GIS Board is the purpose of enabling our wonderful kids to be the most effective, humble, leaders of tomorrow. I aspire to contribute towards providing the GIS Administration with all necessary policies, meaningful guidance and support to overcome challenges and to deliver high-quality education combined with comprehensive activities to enable students reach their full potential. 

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Sadaf Diwan
Board member

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