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Granada’s High school curriculum sets the stage for the four C’s of education: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Through a rigorous curriculum that involves rich classroom discussions, extracurricular activities, and the investigative process, students will begin to develop the skills necessary to navigate life beyond middle school.


Our small class sizes benefit students not only with dedicated focus from teachers, but also allow students to build strong relationships with their peers. In our high schoolers' crucial stage of development, we emphasize the importance of a strong Islamic character that will shape them into the future leaders of their generation.


With an annual class trip planned for each grade level, the strong bonds that students develop throughout the school year only deepen on these week-long excursions where students feel at home with their teachers and peers. Throughout the High School experience, our students build strong relationships and memories with their teachers that last beyond their time at GIS.

School Subjects:

English I, II, III


- Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus


Biology, Chemistry, Physics


World History, US History, Civics

Arabic: Multi Leveled

- Heritage & Non-Heritage

Quran & Islamic Studies

Computer Science:

- Python Programming, Cisco Academy

Physical Education


Co-Curricular Activities:

Model United Nations

Student Council

Service Learning

Science Fair - Synopsys


Class Field Trips

- 9th/10th Grade: Yosemite (Nature Bridge)

- 11th/12th Grade: Morocco


Sports: California Interscholastic Federation

  • Cross Country

  • Basketball

  • Track & Field

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