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Graduation Outcomes

Granada Islamic School students will develop love and reverence for Allah and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) exemplified by:

  • Displaying a solid Muslim identity that reflects pride in being a Muslim and a clear sense of mission

  • Understanding the teachings of Islam through Quran and Sunnah and their application in the daily life of an American Muslim

  • Displaying character, values and morals that are aligned with the teachings of Islam

  • Being a positive role model and ambassador for Islam by striving for excellence and promoting good


Granada Islamic School students will be academically distinguished by:

  • Being high achievers who meet and exceed state educational standards leading to success at the high school of their choice

  • Developing good study skills, being organized and efficient in their use of time

  • Being fluent in the Arabic language

  • Becoming self-directed learners

  • Being able researchers who gather information, and use critical thinking skills to analyze and present results 

  • Having an introductory knowledge of other religions

  • Being skilled in their use of technology to meet their educational needs


Granada Islamic School students will be socially well-rounded individuals:

  • Being distinguished in their manners, showing respect for themselves and others according to Islamic teachings

  • Mastering communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as being effective listeners

  • Being able to work successfully in groups, as both leaders and participants

  • Acquiring leadership skills, being open-minded and prepared for future academic and social roles

  • Being aware of their social responsibility, becoming active in their school, civic and religious communities, and showing compassion and tolerance for others 


Granada Islamic School students will have a sense of physical well-being demonstrated by:

  • Maintaining personal hygiene according to Islamic standards

  • Participating in age-appropriate sports activities

  • Performing spiritual duties of prayer, fasting and pilgrimage

  • Displaying modesty in dress and behavior

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