Tuition Assistance Options for 2020-21

1. GIS Tuition Assistance for Grades K - 10

Granada Islamic School has a tuition assistance programs for students in grades K-10. Both zakat and non-zakat funds are available. This program uses an online application process through School and Student Services(SSS), a program by the National Association of Independent Schools. The cost to apply is $ 51 ( this fee is waived for the neediest families).To begin your financial aid application, you will complete SSS’s Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).​

Click here for more details on how to apply and what documents are needed

Please click here for the ZAKAT ELIGIBILITY FORM and IRS Form 4506-T which you will need to include with your application.​

We will communicate our financial aid decision to you. We use the information from the PFS as a starting point but also consider our school policy, practices, and available budget.

2. Privately funded Basic Fund Scholarships for new students in Grades PK-8

If you have at least one student attending a private school in grades PK-8 for the first time and meet residence and income eligibility requirements, you may qualify for up to $ 2,000 per year per student in Basic fund scholarships for each of your children( in addition to financial aid). Granada Islamic School is a registered school for participation in Basic Fund Scholarships. The Basic Fund is a privately funded program dedicated to helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition ar private schools. For eligibility and on-line application information, go to

For more information about Tuition assistance options for 20-21 Click Here


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