• Osman Khan

Message from our Head of School - Week 1 Recap

Dear Granada Family,

Assalaāmu Alaykum! Subhan Allah, this Friday marks

the end of our first week “back” to school. Although we are back virtually, when I was popping in and out of the zoom classrooms I could see the joy and excitement emanating from our teachers who were eager to begin teaching and the students who were ready to see their friends and get back on a schedule that gives form and function to their days. 

This past Monday (8/17), we held the GIS 2020-21 Parent Orientation on Zoom, and if you missed it, we have placed the slide deck we used for the presentation on our website. Much of the information we discussed in terms of our Covid-19 response and the varying modalities of learning that we may be employing this year are located in the GIS Parent/Student Handbook -- also accessible on our website. Please be sure to look at the details found in the section titled Covid-19 Protocols located on page 40 of the handbook.

GIS 2020-21 Parent Orientation
Download PDF • 3.32MB

In my presentation this Monday, I mentioned the acronym VUCA. The acronym stands for: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. This acronym was first used by the US Army War College to describe environments that leadership teams or leaders find themselves in; and success is determined by the ones who can function effectively and efficiently in those environments. All of us now find ourselves in such a scenario; and no matter who we are or what position we hold in our respective places of work or family, each of us is now tasked with being a leader either as a colleague, a parent, a son, a daughter, and/or even a friend. 

Here in the United States, schools are finding themselves in a VUCA dilemma; and alhamdulillah, I can proudly say that last year when the school initially went into a virtual learning format, GIS responded seamlessly and helped to transition all of its students into a virtual learning environment. GIS has proven that it has the capability to be agile, adaptive, and pragmatic depending on any circumstance. This past week and half was no different as the school successfully held the Back to School Parade, followed up by student orientations, and dutifully began zoom classes.  

No matter what the scenario or situation we face this year, know that Granada is a school that will meet and exceed expectations insha Allah. Every staff member is working diligently to ensure that our children are adapting to this radically new learning environment by creating engaging and interactive lessons that cater to our children’s age groups and development. 

I pray to Allah (swt) that He unites us again in person and removes the hardships and the struggles that all of us are facing. I beseech his mercy upon all of humanity to help those who are suffering from distresses of all forms whether they be mental, physical, family, or financial. Our victory over any struggle is bound in our connection through Him, so I hope we are able to take this time and further develop our faith and reliance in Him who is the sole master of our fates -- Ameen!


Osman Khan

GIS Head of School


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