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September at GIS

Dear Granada Family,

Fridays are blessed days for a myriad of reasons, but today an additional blessing is at hand; today marks the 9th of Muharram preceding, of course, the day of Ashura -- the 10th of Muharram. As many of you know our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s) fasted on the day of Ashura to honor the plight and miracle of Musa and Bani Israel as they escaped the clutches and tyranny of Firaun (the Pharaoh). Therefore, fasting on the 10th of Muharram is a sunnah which the Prophet (s) himself honored by saying that “God will forgive your sins from the previous year.” Through another hadith, we also know that our Prophet (s) prescribed fasting the day before and after the 10th as well; clearly these three days are blessed days. For those of you who are fasting today as well as on the 10th and even the 11th of Muharram: I pray that Allah (swt) accepts your fasts, allows you to get closer to Him, and makes these deeds weigh heavy on the scales of goodness on the the day we find ourselves before His divine presence.  

The Head of School blog that we started this year will become a normative model of communication from me to the Granada community every Friday insha Allah. In conjunction with the blog, we will be sending out our Granada Newsletter that will allow every GIS community member to see upcoming events as well as even a summary of the week. We plan to use these methods to bolster our line of communication as well as give you a snapshot of what's happening in and around GIS. 

As we approach September, we can see some important events coming up: 

  • 9/7: In honor of Labor Day, there is no school. 

  • 9/8 & 9/9: These are dedicated days for our Back to School Nights for our elementary as well as our middle and high school, respectively, and the schedule for that afternoon/evening will be sent shortly. 

  • 9/12: The PTO Picnic that was planned for the day is postponed until further notice.

  • 9/14: On this day we will hold Coffee with the Head of School; this will take place at 5 p.m. so you may have to delay your cup of coffee for the day or grab some 

tea -- please bear in mind that this will be a BYOC (bring your own coffee) as the school will not be able to provide coffee over Zoom :). 

  • 9/17: This will be an all-school GIS Spirit Day -- more information to come. 

  • 9/21: There will be no school for students on this day as we have our Teacher In-Service Training.  

  • 9/28: The Fall Pictures that were planned are postponed until a later date that is yet to be determined. We will notify all parents well in advance as to what day the pictures will take place. 

As we continue our virtual learning program, please know that Granada is doing everything we can to create an engaging and interactive virtual learning environment. We do not know exactly how long we will have to continue off-site, but please know that as the situation changes and if and when we are able to come on site, we will take all the necessary and precautionary measures to ensure that our students and staff return to an environment that is safe and secure. We will also notify parents, well in advance, as to the procedures and protocols that parents and children must comply with upon any on-site schooling. 

Something that I will be including in my blogs each week will be recommendations or things that have garnered my interest in the following categories: books, articles, quotes etc. Due to the fact that we are a learning community, and part of our educational philosophy is that we never stop learning, please look below to see some of the recommendations I believe are worth “investing” in.

Book: This summer, I recommended our middle and high school staff read Deep Work,  by Cal Newport. Due to the fact that we live in a world where our jobs demand a greater level of cognitive energy, this phenomenal read helps us understand how we can create ways to tap into deeper levels of our cognition and thus produce work that makes an impact and meaning in the world we live in. 

Quote: “A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days.”

This quote by American author Anne Dillard really captures the essence of our lives  these days where we may seem to either meander through the day or spend all our time engrossed in one activity; in both of these scenarios, we end up sacrificing time we should not just be spending in other activities, but also time with other people. If this pandemic has taught me one thing, it is that human interaction (real not Zoom) is so critical for our well-being and given the ennui of our days or a mass of time spent only in one aspect of our life, we need to schedule our days by diversifying our daily activities accordingly or fall into an abyss of our own making . 

From everyone here at Granada, I hope each and every one of you have a very blessed Friday and weekend, and may Allah continue to bless you all and help you in every facet of your lives -- Ameen! 

Osman Khan

GIS | Head of School

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