Osman Khan

Head of School

Osman Khan has a wealth of experience in teaching and administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law and society from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a master’s degree in education from Pepperdine University. From 2001-12, he taught 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts and Social Sciences at New Horizon Middle School in Pasadena, California. While at NHSP, his 2004 8th English class tested in the top 10 percent nationally and helped the school earn a Blue-Ribbon mark of distinction from the Department of Education, the first ever for an Islamic school the second being NHSP’s sister school New Horizon, Irvine in 2015. After over a decade at NHSP, he and his family moved to the Bay Area where from 2011-13 he served dual roles at Averroes High School in Fremont, California teaching English Language Arts while also serving as the Vice Principal; from 2014-15 he continued to serve dual roles at Granada Islamic High School where he was the Vice Principal as well as the 8th grade English Language Arts teacher. While at Granada, he was nominated by a Granada alumni and then current Averroes student as her favorite teacher. The nomination won regional awards and finished second nationally. For the last three years, 2015-18, he has served as the Dean of Students, Religious Studies, and Alumni Affairs as well as taught English Language Arts and Social Sciences at New Horizon, Irvine.

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Aasiya Umar

Director of Middle School & High School

Director of IT

Aasiya Umar has been with Granada Islamic School since 2014. She currently serves as the Director of Middle and High School. Prior to this, she served as the Director of IT at the school and taught computer science. She finished her high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees in the city of New York, achieving a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunication Networking, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Since her reversion to Islam, Aasiya has dedicated herself to serving the Muslim community in the field of education. She has been a part of Islamic schools and Islamic education for more than fifteen years and has worked in various teaching and administrative roles.

Based on the Quranic ayah, "Guidance is for those who are conscious of Allah" (Quran 2:2), Aasiya believes that if we help students develop strong moral characters, Allah will guide them toward success in this world and the hereafter.

Aasiya has 3 children, all of whom have attended GIS, with two currently in attendance. Her other interests include learning and teaching Islamic studies (tafseer, ahadith, and Qur’anic recitation).  

Nesreen Janbaiah

Director of Elementary School

Nesreen Janbaih  began her administrative career as the GIS Elementary School Director in July, 2019. Prior to joining the administration team,  Mrs. Nesreen taught lower grades for 11 years. She originally hailed from Michigan where she completed her undergraduate education with a BA in Arts at the University of Michigan. She later obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from Mary Grove College. She has Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential for k-8 and Single Subject Credential in math.  

She believes that building connections with the students and families is the bridge to fostering effective life time education and personal growth. In addition, she recognizes  that a genuine teacher is one that is attune to the students’ needs and creates opportunities to meet them. Her passion is developing positive relationships with students and staff, empowering them to realize their greatest potential. Mrs. Nesreen is eager to work as your partner in  education to ensure the success of your child at all levels.

Linda Zielinski

Business Manager

Sr. Linda is in her 23rd year at Granada and has been a part of the MCA community since she embraced Islam, over 30 years ago. Linda’s background is Polish, German and Italian. Originally from Canada, Linda came to the Bay Area at a very young age. She has lived here ever since, except for one memorable year in Egypt. Prior to coming to Granada, Linda worked as a Safety Analyst in the corporate headquarters of a national trucking company. She was drawn to Granada because of its mission and the opportunity to work with Muslims for a cause she strongly supported. Linda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration-Human Resource Concentration from San Jose State University and a Non-Profit Management Certificate from San Jose State University Professional Development. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. Her hobbies include all kinds of textile, jewelry making, and papercrafts.

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Ameerah Ali

Director of Student Affairs

Ameerah Ali has been a part of the Granada Family for 9 years as a parent, 2 years as a PTO volunteer and 6 years as a staff member.  Having been born and raised in the heart of San Francisco, she proudly calls the Bay Area her home.  She has worked with youth in various capacities for the past 24 years, from education to advocacy and mentorship.  After graduating from UC Dan Diego with a BS. in Developmental Psychology and Education, she became the Director of the Aim High Summer Program; Visitacion Valley Campus, where she co-managed the day to day operations of a program that served 250 inner city youth and 40 staff members.  Ameerah then went to work with Mercy Housing California, coordinating low income families in San Francisco with resources to mental health, rental assistance, and youth support programs.  Prior to joining the Granada Team, Ameerah worked with The Clorox Company, where she was part of a Creative Design Team that researched the psychology behind consumer purchases and use to help enhance the products.  Ameerah uses her multitude of professional experiences from both the non-profit and corporate worlds, to serve the Granada Community everyday.  Personally, she loves to travel and spend time outdoors with her family and friends. 


Ismail Adam

Director of Athletics

Director of Marketing & Media

Ismail returned to Granada as an Alumni in 2016. Ismail holds a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Health and Human Performance from Saint Mary's College of California. At Saint Mary's, Ismail played Division I soccer for four years, leading their nationally ranked program to Conference championships. Throughout his college playing career, Ismail received numerous awards and rankings as a top 10 player in the West Coast Conference. In 2015, he joined USL Professional soccer team Sacramento Republic FC and had a short stint with the club that unfortunately came to an early end following a sports injury.


Transitioning to Granada, he worked to improve the overall quality of the PE and athletics department. In his fourth year at Granada, he created the first ever Granada High School Athletic Department, allowing teams to formally compete in the high school sports governing body, California Interscholastic Federation. The Athletic Department is in the process of becoming a full member athletic high school with sights on joining the Private School Athletic League and competing for years to come.