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  • September Principal Forum

    Thank you to the parents who attended the September Principal Forum last Thursday. I started by sharing the following topics: Arriving to school on time: I urge all families to ensure their students are dropped off to school on time. The school will be contacting the families with excessive tardy. I estimate about 5-10% of students are arriving after 8am. iReady instruction is available for all students in grades K-8 in reading and math. This is a paid resource that the school invested in for a few years now. Consider this as a private tutor for your child helping him/her practice and improve on reading and math. The lessons are adaptive based on the student level. We ask parents to ensure the students have at least 45 minutes per week devoted to iReady. This can be done in one sitting or preferably 2-3 sittings to allow for better concentration on content. The school has a plan for another 45 minutes/week during the school day. Reading for pleasure: I wish that all my students get 20-30 minutes of reading every evening. This will have a major effect on their vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing. This is best achieved as a family activity where everyone can read together (read-aloud) or each read their own book. When you plant the seeds of the love of reading in your child, you are preparing a lifelong learner. The parents and I discussed a range of topics: Security, grade level coordination, enrichment, recess/lunch time, counseling, bullying, high school Islamic studies, leadership skills, and student council. Next Principal Forum: Zoom meeting on Thursday 10/20 at 8:30am Spirit Day - Hawaiian Theme Thursday 9/29 is the first Spirit Day of the school year. The student chose a Hawaiian theme. It is a free dress for students. Important Dates 9/27 PTO Meeting 9/30 Last day of first reporting period 10/5-10/7 Yosemite Camp for 7th Graders Monday 10/10 No school for students - Staff In-Service Sincerely, Nihad Mourad

  • One Month of School - Completed!

    Thank you, PTSO and parent volunteers for a fun-filled Welcome Back Picnic on Saturday. Children and adults had a blast. Picnic day also marked the completion of a full month of school. Time flies. Please read below a few reminders: iReady Results All students completed the first diagnostic test for reading and math. Results are available for you to check. Please watch this short video: Understanding iReady Diagnostic for Families. Our goal is for students to work on personalized iReady lessons every week for 45 minutes at home and 45 minutes in school. Attention Middle and High School Parents This is a link to GIS Discipline Policy. We had two sessions to go over the policy with our middle and high school students. Of course we also went over the policy with our teachers. It is your turn as parents to be familiar with the policy and review it with your children. Our priority in terms of behavior is prevention through positive discipline and community building , but we will use disciplinary steps as needed based on our policy. Progress Report #1 Our first grade reporting period ends next week on 9/30. All work that is due need to be turned in by this date. The progress report will be available for the parents to review on Monday 10/10. More info to come. Classroom Celebrations and Treat Masha Allah we have a very generous community and many treats are sent to classes. Please observe the guidelines for treats: Inform teachers at least one day before you wish to bring a treat for your child's class. The treats need to be store-bought and individually wrapped for each student. Treats are to be dropped off with the Receptionist who will give them to the last period teacher. Treats will be distributed right before dismissal for the students to take them home. Lost and Found We have a cabinet with collected Lost and Found items, and it is full. It currently includes water bottles, jackets, lunch boxes and food containers. Friday indoor pickup is a good day for you to stop by and check if any of the items belong to your child. Sincerely, Nihad Mourad Head of School Granada Islamic School

  • Home-School Communication

    Our hallways and classrooms were full of parents on Wednesday and Thursday evening last week. Thank you for taking time to join us. Back To School Night is the first step in a yearlong collaboration with your child’s teachers. I hope you gained a better understanding of who the teachers are and their plan for your children. This is a short survey to give your feedback about the events. We are streamlining our communication to cut down on emails and update the class Google sites with the necessary class updates. Please check the Google sites on a weekly basis. Teachers will share their plans and updates to keep you informed. Google classrooms are for students’ use. Did you receive a text message from the school on Wednesday about indoor dismissal? We will use the Curacubby Reach Out Service only for last minute messages or emergencies. Timeliness Arriving to school on time helps your children be ready for class and give them time before class starts to greet their friends and prepare their materials. It also teaches them the importance of timeliness and respect for school. Our school is open from 7:30am, and our classroom doors are open at 7:45am. This is designed to welcome our students early and give them time to be ready to start class at 8am. Starting our third week of school, now you have a better idea how long it takes you to get to school and you know the traffic patterns. Please make an effort to drop your students to school before 8am every day. School Uniform Students are to come to school dressed in their grade level uniform. Being in the correct uniform is an indication of their pride in their school. This document contains all details of Granada's dress code and uniform guidelines for the different grades. We request your help making sure our students are in uniform every day. Important Dates 9/17 PTSO Picnic 9/22 Principal Forum 2pm

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  • HOME PAGE | Granadaschool

    Coffee O'clock Minimalist Photo Facebook Cover-2_edited Coffee O'clock Minimalist Photo Facebook Cover-2_edited 1/1 We Are Granada Islamic School We are a private, coeducational, Islamic institution serving elementary, middle, and high school students in grades PK through 12, located in Santa Clara, CA. 1/26 Standards That Set Us Apart What Makes Our Eagles Soar GRANADA'S MISSION SCHEDULE A TOUR Testimonials What People Say Granada Parent Amazing school! I almost chose a different school based on reading someone else's review. Im so glad I enrolled my child anyway! I've had nothing but positive experiences! I was so nervous and excited. Half way through the school year, my sons teachers TAUGHT ME about my own son. Im stunned! With their helpful techniques, my son is successful in the classroom & at home! They told me to be patient with his progress. Sure enough he's picked up and implemented everything flawlessly! trust the process. The amount of arabic & Quran my son already knows is Gold. I can't be any more grateful. If your holding off until later on to try this school don't! do it early when your Childs brain is like a sponge. Best desicion ever! Teacher/Alumni I've been working at Granada Islamic School for 5 years now. As an alumni of GIS, I've seen the clear changes that have made GIS an amazing institution. From the improvement of the playing facilities to the science lab; the development of the sports program and class trips; the creation of our High School and our involvement in the community around us, Granada has grown to be such an integral part of the Silicon Valley for our young muslims. We have come a long way thanks to the determination and unrelenting work of our past and present teachers, administration, staff, parents, and students. Granada is truly a beautiful school that shapes young muslims to be the leaders we hope to see in this world. And we have the track record to prove it. Granada Parent Granada Student I have been in Granada since 4th grade. I am currently in 11th grade and I don't regret ever coming to Granada. I have met many new friends and the teachers are amazing. Granada Islamic School an excellent educational institution. It not only teaches high academics but also builds character, promotes an Islamic identity, and creates a community that a child thrives in. Want to leave us a review? Click the box below to tell us what you think! Granada Islamic School - Niche Review Developing strong young Muslims since 1988 Following the message given to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Granada has a vision of enriching young Muslim minds with a holistic approach to education, creating an Islamic environment where children are free to spread their wings and bring change to the world around them. ​ Are you ready to spread your wings? APPLY TODAY

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS | Granadaschool

    GRANADA SCHOOL BOARD Farooq Bhatti Board Chair My vision for GIS is to work with all stakeholders to prepare our children to become good role models, exemplary citizens in our community and excel in professional careers. Inculcate our children with great Islamic values, high moral & ethical standards and self‐esteem. Also work to empower the GIS faculty and staff through mutual respect and understanding, provide ongoing training, modern and sufficient resources to implement an educational program of high excellence. I have two children enrolled at GIS since kindergarten. Professionally I work as Principal Engineer for Product Development and Services, for the last 23 years. I have Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Engineering from SJSU. I like to play cricket, badminton, tennis, take bicycle rides with my kids, and travel to different locations in the world. Khadiga El-Haddad Vice Chair Khadiga Elhaddad is an active member in the Bay Area Muslim community since 2008. Since then, her main focus was on raising the new muslim generation and instilling Islam in their hearts. To achieve that, she volunteers at many kids and youth programs in the area through different Masajid and organizations. Khadiga has been a teacher & mentor at Quran and youth programs at the MCA for years, she served before as a principal for Noor Academy and teaches Quran at other programs/schools. She also helped at Reflection Sunday School (WVMA weekend school) as a teacher and a school administrator for a couple of years. In addition, she runs kids and youth programs for MAS Bay Area (Muslim American Society) local in the area, and also leads and effort with MAS National to build curriculums dedicated to youth and new generations. Khadiga was also a member of the GIS school Board from 2016 to 2019. During these years her main focus was to revive the positive school spirit and strengthen the healthy relationship between all school stakeholders, to structure school fundraising activities, and to achieve the academic excellence and Islamic environment throughout all the school. Khadiga also was part of building the GIS high school department and worked closely with admins and consultants to acquire a program suitable for our students. She also worked with MCA BOT to give GIS half of the building and was part of the new building committee that was responsible for the design and renovation of the new school building. Outside her volunteering work, Khadiga Elhaddad received B.A in Computer engineering & Systems (2000 - 2005) from Alexandria University & MBA from Aspen university (2011-2013), and worked as software engineer at Saudi software company then at two startups in the bay area. ​ Alma Soto Treasurer Alma Soto joined the GIS Board in 2017, when she was appointed by the MCA Joint Boards. She has three children, of which, two are current GIS students. Throughout the years, she has had the privilege to blend her learning of social justice, educational equity with practical knowledge as well as experience in her work with many local nonprofits, Islamic organizations and school districts in a way that has refined her experiential knowledge of her community. She has over 17 years of non-profit, organizing and education experience. Alma holds a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Buisness Administration specializing in non-profit and entrepreneurship. She is dedicated in enhancing the GIS school environment as well as building the GIS students to become the future leaders of our community one step at a